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How do you become member of the CCS?

Very simple: complete the form below and click on the button "submit". Within a few days, the secretary of the Cadillac-Club of Switzerland will send you the rules and the invoice for the membership dues.

Only condition for active members is that you must be owner of a Cadillac oder La Salle.
(If you do not own a Cadillac or LaSalle, but nevertheless are interested in the club activities and the brand Cadillac, you may join as sponsoring member for a minimum fee of CHF 150.- per year).

Alternatively, you can print the membership application form, complete it and send it by mail or fax to the secretary of the Cadillac-Club of Switzerland.
Inscription fee CHF 50.-, membership dues CHF 150.- per year.
(rates in Euro depending on current exchange rates).

The fields marked by * are mandatory!

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I own the following car(s) Cadillac/La Salle (at least one entry):
(Sponsors: enter 'sponsor' for  model/type, the current year in the field 'year' and your desired contribution (CHF 150 or more) in the field 'licence plate')

model / type year licence plate nr.
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